Definition of motoneuron in English:



  • another term for motor neuron
    • ‘This technique rapidly became a standard way of testing the integrity of the nerve pathway from the motor area of the cerebral cortex to the motoneurons in the spinal cord.’
    • ‘The basic functional unit of muscle is the motor unit, which consists of a motoneuron and the muscle fibers that it innervates.’
    • ‘The morphology of this cell is identical to a well-studied neuron in goldfish that is monosynaptically activated by the Mauthner cell and in turn excites spinal motoneurons.’
    • ‘The activity in each muscle fiber corresponds to seizure activity in the motoneuron that innervates it.’
    • ‘We first tested fluorescent indicators by injecting them into muscle to backfill motoneurons in spinal cord.’
    • ‘But because hypoglossal motoneurons and motor axons project to any one of the eight tongue muscles, it is unclear to which of these muscles the motoneuronal activities corresponded.’
    • ‘The seizure activity in a particular muscle corresponds to activity in the motoneuron that innervates it.’
    • ‘An improved understanding of the receptor subtypes involved in state-dependent control of upper airway motoneurons may help establish more effective treatments.’
    • ‘Hypoglossal motoneurons, whose activity determines the position, shape, and stiffness of the tongue, are the principle focus for basic research aimed at understanding control of upper airway function.’
    • ‘It has been shown that activity in the muscle spindles is influenced, via gamma motoneurons, by joint and ligament receptors.’