Definition of motivator in English:



  • 1Something that provides a reason or stimulus to do something.

    ‘fear is a powerful motivator’
    ‘music can be a great exercise motivator’
    • ‘The survey found that the prime motivator for buying pictures was home decoration.’
    • ‘Income, while being a common primary motivator, is not necessarily always the most appropriate mechanism to motivate the salesforce.’
    • ‘But when harnessed correctly, bitterness can be a fantastic motivator for achievement.’
    • ‘You know, anger can be a great motivator.’
    • ‘Job security functions as a motivator.’
    • ‘You could say my motivators were class camaraderie, team competition, Beethoven's genius and test evasion.’
    • ‘However, while the younger man's motivator is religious zeal, Larry's impetus is a need to land the client.’
    • ‘Let the music itself be the first motivator for the student; find pieces with which the student will connect.’
    • ‘Money and power are not the prime motivators that they once were.’
    • ‘Based on these comments, we assume that family-business values can act as a strong motivator.’
    1. 1.1 A person who promotes interest in or enthusiasm for something.
      ‘she was a great motivator of people and very energetic’
      • ‘She achieves a level of authenticity many self-proclaimed life coaches and motivators fail to deliver.’
      • ‘He's also an ideas man, a motivator, and an accomplished session musician.’
      • ‘"She gives out the material and shows teachers how to work with it, she is a gifted motivator."’
      • ‘It would require that he be the intuitive portfolio leader, flexible, highly competitive, and a good motivator and communicator.’
      • ‘Not only has he been a teacher of cooperative principles, but he also has been a motivator who has brought many people into cooperative organizations.’
      • ‘The popular talk show host draws ratings, crowds, and is a motivator.’
      • ‘Larry's high energy, work-ethic and light-heartedness make him a natural leader and motivator.’
      • ‘A teacher is a student's confidant, motivator and love-hate object.’
      • ‘In the movie, Baldwin, as a sales motivator, gives a chalk talk to a group of real estate salesmen on the techniques of making a sale.’
      • ‘He can look back at a career that has involved not only the creation of dozens of ballets, but he was also the chief motivator behind the creation of The Joyce Theater.’