Definition of motherliness in English:



  • See motherly

    • ‘‘They are more to me than life, these voices, they are more than motherliness and more than fear: they are the strongest, most comforting thing there is anywhere: they are the voices of my comrades ’.’
    • ‘The solemnity of the story is relieved by the humour of the rustic travellers at the Rainbow Inn, and the genial motherliness of Dolly Winthrop, who befriends Silas.’
    • ‘It isn't their sex that singles them out as oddities; it's their dangerous beliefs tacked on to their wholesome-as-apple-pie motherliness.’
    • ‘She nearly always loses her traditionally feminine characteristics in so doing - not those of attractiveness, but rather of kindness, humaneness, motherliness.’
    • ‘I'm not sure why men's pain doesn't inspire a whole lot of motherliness in their spouses.’