Definition of mother liquor in English:

mother liquor


mass nounChemistry
  • The liquid remaining after a substance has crystallized out.

    • ‘Crystals were flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen, using the mother liquor as cryoprotectant.’
    • ‘The use of paraffin oil to prevent dehydration of the crystal for the experiments presented in Figs. 4 and 5 and the presence of the crystallization mother liquor will also slightly affect the photocycle kinetics.’
    • ‘The crystals are then separated from the mother liquor via two decanters, then further processed through a lactose refining system to increase the purity level desired for the final product.’
    • ‘The triclinic lysozyme crystals were placed in a small cup with only a few drops of mother liquor, after which they were equilibrated for 3 weeks in a confined atmosphere with a large excess of deuterated mother liquor.’
    • ‘The result is the formation of dendritic crystals and crystals containing considerable quantities of occlusions of mother liquor.’