Definition of mother hen in English:

mother hen


  • A person who sees to the needs of others, especially in a fussy or interfering way.

    ‘Josephine got to be a real mother hen, giving everybody a bit of what they needed’
    • ‘Mrs. Ellis is the traditional mother hen, always fussing over her little brood.’
    • ‘Ever since then I've been more of a mother hen to him than anything else.’
    • ‘At only ten years old Lizzie was something of a mother hen with the rest of her siblings.’
    • ‘I am a passionately involved community builder, I'm an activist, I know the importance of the spiritual life to my activism, so I try to work on that, and I'm a bit of a mother hen as well to all the young activists in Perth I think.’
    • ‘They were constantly playing mother hen to each other.’
    • ‘Everyone needs a mother hen once in a while.’
    • ‘‘Fine, Luke darling, no need to be a mother hen,’ he tutted, and Wells rolled his eyes.’
    • ‘Chris, being the mother hen that he was, tried to force food upon the others the instant they got home.’
    • ‘I told Sean and Samantha that they should bring water too, but they told me I was being a mother hen and disregarded me completely.’
    • ‘The mother hen folded her arms, staring right at her.’
    • ‘‘You're both a couple of old mother hens!’ he called after his friend as he disappeared to the lower deck.’
    • ‘Throughout the evening, Patterson plays the mother hen, encouraging the kids' performances, moving a lighting rig here, adjusting a mic there.’
    • ‘She was a mother hen to those working under her and in her department, and did all she could to teach them and advance their careers, pushing them out of the nest when she felt they were ready.’
    • ‘I swear, you two are bigger mother hens than my own family is.’
    • ‘She somehow manages to juggle the roles of mother hen, unofficial sex mascot, and confused woman.’


mother hen