Definition of Mother Earth in English:

Mother Earth


  • The earth considered as the source of all its living beings and natural features.

    • ‘They would pack tents, makeshift sleeping bags and simple foods, then set out to reconnect with Mother Earth.’
    • ‘Is there any short-term profit to be made in saving Mother Earth?’
    • ‘Indeed if we are vigilant we can see that this world is made up of the natural laws of grace and fluidity, the essence of Mother Earth.’
    • ‘Take an inventory of what kind of an impact your life has on Mother Earth - your own personal ecological footprint.’
    • ‘Just to clarify the issue, Dobson goes on to condemn Earth Day as a pagan celebration of Mother Earth.’
    • ‘If we could only have a perfect world, and truly abolish poverty, Mother Earth would be a paradise.’
    • ‘How could Native Americans living in balance with nature and respecting Mother Earth have so wantonly slaughtered game?’
    • ‘My vision now is to live in a world in which we honor each other and Mother Earth.’
    • ‘From time immemorial, man has learnt to extract this precious metal from Mother Earth.’
    • ‘Finally, we're hearing an awful lot about Mother Earth and the fearsome power of nature.’
    • ‘Subconsciously I can feel myself apologising to Mother Earth and asking what we did wrong to upset her and to spare us further damage.’
    • ‘The people of Bastar revere their heroes and worship Mother Earth for her life-sustaining bounty.’
    • ‘Most of the wood is from recycled or sustainably harvested sources, making less impact on Mother Earth.’
    • ‘Here's a chance to do something good for Mother Earth!’
    • ‘A common slogan among protesters is ‘Gaia told me to do it,’ Gaia being the Earth Goddess, or Mother Earth.’
    • ‘Their motivation is to protect Mother Earth and keep the land open and natural for plants and animals.’
    • ‘Those rituals involved animal sacrifice and blood offerings to Mother Earth.’
    • ‘The earth cracked and trembled in pain and Mother Earth cried out to Jove for help.’
    • ‘According to the seasons, the polar caps on Mars wax and wane, as breathtaking a sight, in the course of the Martian year, as it is on Mother Earth.’
    • ‘This photo illustrates mankind's wanton disregard for Mother Earth.’
    the natural world, the living world, mother nature, creation, the world, the environment, the earth, the universe, the cosmos, natural forces
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