Definition of mother church in English:

mother church


  • 1The Roman Catholic Church, regarded as a mother in its functions of nourishing and protecting the believer.

    ‘they have been loyal servants to Mother Church’
    ‘the traditional teachings of Holy Mother Church’
    • ‘Such is the kind wisdom of Holy Mother Church.’
    • ‘Inquisitors sought to reconcile to the Holy Mother Church those whose writings or behaviours had cast their orthodoxy into doubt.’
    • ‘The Virgin Mary gives suck to the infant Jesus both as his historical mother and as the metaphysical image of nourishing Mother Church.’
    • ‘May God our Father guide you into communion with Holy Mother Church and grant you fullness of joy in Christ Jesus as you are received and make your first communion.’
    • ‘It is one of the most powerful devotions offered to us by Holy Mother Church.’
    • ‘In the past, servants would be given time off and worshippers would present offerings to their Mother Church.’
    • ‘Feel free to add your own words of gratitude for Holy Mother Church and for God our Father.’
    • ‘Although some were condemned as heretics, most aimed to remain faithful to the teachings of Holy Mother Church.’
    • ‘As Christianity spread throughout Europe the celebration changed to honour the Mother Church, and in time both festivals were combined.’
    • ‘They have been strong defenders of our Catholic Faith and loyal servants to Mother Church.’
    1. 1.1 The principal church of a country, region, or city.
      ‘the cathedral is the mother church of the diocese of Chelmsford’
      • ‘Parishioners would return to the church where they had been baptised, or to worship in the Mother Church in their district.’
      • ‘A chapel stood here at an early period, erected doubtless on account of the great distance from the mother church of St. Mary, Carlisle.’
      • ‘Many focus on the Cathedral as the Mother Church of our diocese.’
      • ‘After the family service at the Mother Church, there would be a celebration lunch.’
      • ‘This Cathedral is the third largest place of worship in London and is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Southwark.’
      • ‘Isolated on one side, like a ship at sea, is St Anthony's, the mother church of Liverpool's Catholics.’
      • ‘No one church in this country can be called the mother church of Baptists.’
      • ‘And now, in far away Chelmsford, were artefacts purporting an association with the 12th century architect of Orkney's magnificent mother church.’
      • ‘The ceremony took place at The Cathedral of the Assumption, mother church of the diocese.’
      • ‘Many Christians in the community believe that Yarrabah is the mother church to Aboriginal people around Australia, particularly in the North.’
      • ‘The reformed orders found rich patrons to finance their new mother churches in Rome.’
      • ‘The mainline denominations established in the late 1800s were funded for decades by their Western mother churches.’
      • ‘He tried to defend the mother church and their pastor and refused to say anything negative about them.’
    2. 1.2 The original church from which others have sprung.
      ‘the Church of England is considered the mother church of the Anglican Communion’
      ‘they founded the First Baptist Church of Charleston, which became the mother church of Baptists in the South’
      • ‘The service took place at St Giles's Cathedral, Edinburgh (the Mother Church of Presbyterianism).’
      • ‘The "mother church" of this denomination is the Church of England.’
      • ‘The church was named in honor of St. Sophia in Constantinople, which was the mother church of the Orthodox world.’
      • ‘That and similar cases have led pro-gay members to threaten to break from the more conservative mother church.’
      • ‘Keighley's Heber Street Spiritualists' Society, the mother church of British spiritualism, starts two weeks of special events on Saturday.’
      • ‘The Chiesa Il Gesù, a 16th-century late Renaissance church in Rome, is the mother church of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits.’
      • ‘He talked of making Full Gospel the mother church of a religious empire that would grow to 2 .5 million within five years.’
      • ‘He maintained the Vatican's view that the Catholic Church is the mother church and not a sister of the Church of Ireland, Presbyterian or Methodist churches.’
      • ‘In 1936 Hillhead, the mother church of the Congregational Union of Scotland, asked Mrs Kenmure to accept a call, and proposed that members of her congregation join Hillhead.’
      • ‘Christian Scientists constitute a significant voting block in Massachusetts, home to the Mother Church.’