Definition of mother's boy in English:

mother's boy


  • A boy or man who is excessively influenced by or attached to his mother.

    ‘Luke is too much of a mother's boy’
    • ‘They are single sons, spoiled rotten mother's boys.’
    • ‘He is a mother's boy: at 28, he still lives with his needy and controlling mother, who maintains him in a childlike state of dependency.’
    • ‘Dick's a little too much of a mother's boy.’
    • ‘I think I've been trying to prove I'm not a mother's boy.’
    • ‘He is an unabashed mother's boy and has a tattoo with her initials.’
    • ‘This was his first television play, about an oppressed 'mother's boy'.’
    • ‘He was quite spoilt, shy, a mother's boy.’
    • ‘In one autobiography, he describes himself as a mother's boy who was physically frail and shy but emotionally intense.’
    • ‘In doing this, the boy ceases being a "mother's boy" and becomes a "little man".’
    • ‘Jacob is inclined to be a mother's boy, staying near the tents and cooking.’
    • ‘He was very much the "baby" of the family and the quintessential "mother's boy".’