Definition of mosquito fish in English:

mosquito fish


  • another term for gambusia
    • ‘A depth of 18 and 24 inches is okay for Goldfish and mosquito fish.’
    • ‘To battle the bugs, Sackett has turned to a natural predator - the western mosquito fish.’
    • ‘Add mosquito fish or goldfish - a 30-in. container can accommodate six fish.’
    • ‘A crayfish and a mosquito fish imported into coastal regions near Los Angeles to cut down on mosquitoes also feed on a rare newt and may be responsible for local extinctions of this amphibian.’
    • ‘A PhD student will be analysing mosquito fish as part of that project.’
    • ‘In this case, the less attractive mosquito fish are better bets than goldfish.’
    • ‘Add mosquito fish (often free at nurseries) to keep mosquitoes at bay.’
    • ‘Other exotic fish that are causing problems include the walking catfish in Florida, the mosquito fish all over the world, and the red shiner in desert streams of the southwestern U. S.’
    • ‘However, it is now an endangered species found naturally in only a few locations in the United States, primarily because of water developments and the introduction of non-native mosquito fish.’
    • ‘Unlike most other fish species, male mosquito fish possess a penis-like organ, fertilising the eggs inside the female body.’
    • ‘All downstream female mosquito fish showed masculinization.’
    • ‘The humanitarian organization supplied Sackett with mosquito fish, equipment, and volunteer staff to help release the fish into city pools.’
    • ‘In the fountain, they planted Yerba Mansa, a white coneflower-like plant, and filled the water with mosquito fish.’
    • ‘Second, white all fish populations take a hit in their rapidly shrinking world during a drought, the smaller, omnivorous species may bounce back explosively afterward; the mosquito fish, for example, can breed every three months.’
    • ‘State-sponsored releases of mosquito fish were halted in the 1920s, but the fish are here to stay - and mosquitoes continue to flourish.’