Definition of mosey in English:



  • no object, with adverbial of direction Walk or move in a leisurely manner.

    ‘we decided to mosey on up to Montgomery’
    • ‘In the meantime, mosey on down to Blackpool for a chat with the cast.’
    • ‘Oh, wonderful, now everyone is moseying over to their friends and chit-chatting.’
    • ‘Billie moseyed over stroking the dog as she came.’
    • ‘Ashton sighed and moseyed over to the chair behind me.’
    • ‘However, this wasn't good enough, so after 10 heated minutes I moseyed on home to get my passport.’
    • ‘I was out the door and on my way to school in about forty minutes, walking at an unusually slow pace that one could almost consider moseying.’
    • ‘With that she hopped outside and moseyed over to her trailer.’
    • ‘We moseyed on over to the theatre as leisurely as we could, and yet we still got there roughly twenty minutes early.’
    • ‘Ryan managed to catch me before he moseyed on out.’
    • ‘We all say bye and wave again, and she and David mosey on out of the coffee shop.’
    • ‘After the last students had moseyed out, they grabbed their books and backpacks and made their way down the stairs to Mr. Glinner's desk.’
    • ‘Greg moseyed out of the trailer and ambled over to his bike, taking comfort in the knowledge that the police would be looking for a guy in a Santa suit.’
    • ‘Ignoring it I stood up and moseyed over to the magazine rack to find something more educational.’
    • ‘Well, we'd best be moseying along.’
    • ‘Let's mosey on over to the drink table shall we?’
    • ‘Kids who would have been at school today moseyed along the street aimlessly, chatting to friends and laughing about their favourite South Park episode.’
    • ‘It didn't take too long to find my bag on the carousel, and I moseyed on out of the terminal in Sydney to ring for my lift.’
    • ‘Lillian moseyed on over at that point and asked us what we were drinking.’
    • ‘So I moseyed down to the video shop and borrowed The Matrix.’
    • ‘I stood up and moseyed through the shops until I saw a little denim messenger bag and bought it with my credit card.’
    • ‘And without further instruction, Scarlet moseyed on over to where I was and put her arm across my shoulder like an old friend.’
    stroll, saunter, amble, wend one's way, trudge, plod, hike, tramp, trek, march, stride, troop, patrol, step out, wander, ramble, tread, prowl, footslog, promenade, roam, traipse
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  • A leisurely walk or drive.

    ‘I'll just have a mosey round’
    • ‘Sunday I slept late, then headed to the craft market for a mosey around before I had to go and count votes for the European election, which was educational but really very tedious.’
    • ‘They come out mainly at night for a mosey around.’
    • ‘We skipped the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim and instead took a mosey around a few private galleries on the Upper East Side.’
    • ‘Following a recent mosey around the retailers, I noticed two more retailers that appear ostensibly cheap.’
    • ‘We're off to Brick Lane and Shoreditch for a mosey round.’


Early 19th century (originally US): of unknown origin. The original sense was ‘go away quickly’.