Definition of moschatel in English:



  • A small plant of north temperate regions, with pale green musk-scented flowers which grow at right angles to each other, forming five sides of a cube.

    Adoxa moschatellina, family Adoxaceae

    • ‘Bluebells are nearing their peak in Nut Wood, where there are early red campion in flower, with lots of lesser celandine about, and moschatel at its climax.’
    • ‘The final highlight from my point of view was finding the delightful moschatel (Adoxa moschatellina, right) growing right by the roadside where we had parked the cars.’
    • ‘The fact that the site is located in such a steeply sided incised valley and the presence of certain indicator species such as moschatel suggest that it could be ancient semi-natural woodland.’
    • ‘The flora is suggestive in places of old oak woodland with goldilocks, buttercup, moschatel, bugle and wood sedge.’
    • ‘The woodland areas are dominated by ash, oak, birch and hazel with an interesting ground flora including dog's mercury, wood anemone and moschatel.’
    • ‘Two rare plants, white baneberry and moschatel, are found here.’


Mid 18th century: from French moscatelle, from Italian moscatella, from moscato ‘musk’.