Definition of mortgageable in English:



  • See mortgage

    • ‘He is eminently employable - if not employed - and mortgageable, though it was submitted on his behalf that it was not so.’
    • ‘The only solution we could find was to turn it into living accommodation, because this would allow the property to become mortgageable.’
    • ‘Unless the loan is reinvested in the home, borrowing against the free mortgageable value makes households more vulnerable to falling property prices.’
    • ‘After the Short Sale, and with 12 months of paying rent and other bills on time, they may once again be mortgageable, preserving their future.’
    • ‘It was to achieve, through negotiation, repairs that would at least put people back where they thought they were going to be in the first place: with sound, mortgageable properties.’