Definition of mortadella in English:



mass noun
  • A type of light pink, smooth-textured Italian sausage containing pieces of fat, typically served in slices.

    • ‘The starter was priced at €14 and consisted of generous portions of mortadella, salami, delicious olives, smoky cheese, Brie, cheddar, pickled peppers, cornichon, superb ham and a chalky blue cheese.’
    • ‘His antipasto misto was an impressive-looking plate-filling selection of cold meats and salad, featuring salami, mortadella and parma ham, which she set about with gusto before pronouncing herself full and happy.’
    • ‘Then one friend bit into the Gustoso - layers of mortadella, Genoa salami, and provolone on a crusty brown Vienna roll.’
    • ‘There's a choice of Italian cold cuts - you know the list, capicollo to mortadella to prosciutto - served on crusty fresh bread.’
    • ‘Then we would go to the butcher's and buy a hunk of mortadella.’
    • ‘Top with tomato, ham, mortadella, add onion, sliced mushrooms or pineapple.’
    • ‘At the deli counter or in the refrigerator case: Cured meats such as prosciutto, coppa, mortadella, salami, and Italian sausage’
    • ‘Add to the mashed potatoes the nutmeg, parsley, chopped onions, spinach and mortadella.’
    • ‘We love the smooth mortadella dotted with silky squares of fat, and the other house-cured meats, but with all this wine - sixteen by the glass - where's the cheese?’


Italian diminutive, formed irregularly from Latin murtatum ‘(sausage) seasoned with myrtle berries’.