Definition of Morrison shelter in English:

Morrison shelter


  • A movable air-raid shelter, shaped like a table and used indoors.

    • ‘Nevertheless the Anderson and Morrison shelters did play their part in saving many lives and are looked back with thankful and fond memories.’
    • ‘Many families who did not have a garden were supplied with a kit-built steel cage Morrison shelter that could double as a sturdy table in the house.’
    • ‘The Morrison shelter was an iron cage that doubled as a table, but was designed to protect the family as their house collapsed around them.’
    • ‘The Morrison shelter was designed for use within a house.’
    • ‘When woken by a night air raid, Jack's parents would guide their only child downstairs to hide in a Morrison shelter.’


Named after Herbert S. Morrison, UK Secretary of State for Home Affairs and Home Security 1940–5, during which period the shelter was adopted.


Morrison shelter