Definition of morphinist in English:



  • A morphine addict.

    ‘the tendency of the morphinist to increase his dosage’
    • ‘Morphinists can take regular meals, preferring well flavored and sour articles, such as curry, pickles, etc.’
    • ‘The more highly intellectual a person, the more likely is he to become a morphinist when he has taken the drug for the relief of pain, and then possibly cannot stop its use.’
    • ‘They were some time in discovering that the morphinist, instead of a craving for the taste of opium on his tongue, now suffered a greedy fascination at the thought of a hypodermic needle puncturing his veins.’
    • ‘Burke also details physiological symptoms of withdrawal - muscular tremors, watery eyes, abdominal cramps - symptoms by which "the morphinist is usually revealed".’
    • ‘It was an error of judgment which led a French court to declare valid the will of a morphinist who had committed suicide after leaving his fortune to his mistress.’
    abuser, user
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