Definition of more and more in English:

more and more


  • At a continually increasing rate.

    ‘vacancies were becoming more and more rare’
    • ‘I'm getting into spirituality more and more and find it makes a lot of sense to me.’
    • ‘In an hour at two locations he managed to finish off two jobs that had been getting more and more behind.’
    • ‘Usually they become more and more at ease, if you start asking questions about them.’
    • ‘Slowly she was able to hear more and more and is now as close to having full hearing as she will ever be.’
    • ‘However, it was a job he gradually grew to like more and more as the months passed by.’
    • ‘It was growing dark, and the fire from the pit showed more and more brightly every moment.’
    • ‘I was feeling more and more out of place, but it was all making me laugh to myself.’
    • ‘Things are getting more and more like the States every day and it's a very sad turn of events.’
    • ‘The police were coming around more and more and it was very unsettling for him.’
    • ‘The prosecution service has been doing more and more with fewer and fewer resources.’
    more and more, progressively, to an increasing extent, steadily more, continuously more, gradually more, growingly
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