Definition of moral majority in English:

moral majority


  • treated as plural The majority of people, regarded as favouring firm moral standards.

    ‘smokers are often made to feel like social outcasts by the moral majority’
    • ‘They have no moral majority to make this stance, and I say that it is an affront to our Westminster democratic system.’
    • ‘Opposition, predictably, arrived from church groups and from the moral majority, who attacked the idea as a further erosion of traditional family values.’
    • ‘Even more infuriating are the self-righteous hypocrites who claim to speak for a superior moral majority.’
    • ‘The people who want cannabis to stay banned, however, seem to consider themselves the moral majority.’
    • ‘Harshly criticised at first by the moral majority, most protests were eventually forgotten as its genius came to be recognised as a vital part of US popular culture.’
    • ‘The military itself, at least, isn't behaving as stupidly as the moral majority crowd is.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that we have not been able to secure a UN resolution or even a moral majority.’
    • ‘We have to be very careful of minorities that present themselves as the moral majority when they are not.’
    • ‘The moral majority types, many of whom had never even seen the film were all up in arms against it.’


1970s: originally as Moral Majority, the name of a right-wing movement in the US.


moral majority