Definition of mopery in English:



mass noun
  • 1US informal The action of committing a minor or petty offence such as loitering.

    ‘we got guys doing stretches for passing bad checks and aggravated mopery’
    • ‘I hope he also charges them with Mopery’
    • ‘What Lisa is leaving out is she was once charged with mopery’
  • 2rare Apathy and dejection.

    ‘all that mopery and ‘Ooooh, it's so hard and lonely at the top’’
    • ‘An idealistic student tries to bring back his creativity, while his secretary attempts to drag him out of his mopery.’
    • ‘Yesterday's journalled mopery belied the fact I did actually get out and about and looking at art, giving me some ideas for things to write about at the most neglected of my blog children, after nadath.’
    indifference, lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, lack of concern, unconcern, uninterestedness, unresponsiveness, impassivity, passivity, passiveness, detachment, dispassion, dispassionateness, lack of involvement, phlegm, coolness
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