Definition of mopboard in English:



  • another term for baseboard
    • ‘Upstairs the mopboards are plain and 4 to 5 inches high.’
    • ‘When Anderson was removing the mopboard from the south wall he found a leather sack containing about $2,000 in gold coins.’
    • ‘Most homes have wood trim along the base of the wall known as baseboard or mopboard.’
    • ‘Tall ceilings, hardwood floors, original wood mopboards, molding, and doors are abundant through out the main level.’
    • ‘We used 1/2’ sheetrock to cover the walls and took the time to put black mopboard all the way around.’
    • ‘Casings and mopboards were milled on site from local pine.’
    • ‘When we'd beaten the rugs, scoured the plank floors, and polished the mopboards, Aunt Helga declared that it was time to rest.’
    • ‘We will be picking out the moldings and mopboards tomorrow.’