Definition of moony in English:


adjectivemoonier, mooniest

  • Dreamy and unaware of one's surroundings, for example because one is in love.

    ‘she came home from work with a moony smile that told me she'd met someone’
    ‘you're not still moony over Flynn?’
    • ‘I look around the crowd during Forever Lost - almost everyone is singing their heart out, and those who aren't are cuddling the person next to them and beaming like moony Cheshire cats.’
    • ‘We were moony and giddy and it seemed like something ripe with possibilities.’
    • ‘He hasn't said anything but he gets this moony look when around her.’
    • ‘There are a couple of females who always get moony when they hear that.’
    • ‘The audience learns to care about Kate from the first moment they see her, prepubescent and moony.’
    • ‘Don't think I didn't see you making moony eyes at Jason all night.’
    • ‘'And,’ he casts moony eyes at he, ‘once I met Stacey, it was easy.’’
    • ‘He didn't like him one bit, the way he clung to Asha and acted as her protector, while making moony eyes whenever he saw her.’
    • ‘For all their rough-and-tumble, burly-bully image, I haven't yet met one who doesn't go all moony over a good painting.’