Definition of moonstruck in English:



  • Unable to think or act normally, especially as a result of being in love.

    ‘a moonstruck but musically unaccomplished lover’
    • ‘Peter kept his eyes on the road with great difficulty; he wanted to look at her with moonstruck eyes and experience her loveliness all over again.’
    • ‘You could have married a sensible woman, but instead you chose a moonstruck child to devote yourself to.’
    • ‘You're making me sound like some moonstruck girl of ten!’
    • ‘He offers you the spectacle of an ironic, intelligent 47-year-old man gazing at Yelena with the dotty helplessness of a moonstruck adolescent: aware of his own absurdity but powerless to prevent it.’


Late 17th century: from moon + struck, past participle of strike; because it was believed that the moon could affect the mind.