Definition of moonstomp in English:



  • A dance to ska music characterized by heavy rhythmic stamping.

    • ‘I have performed the skinhead moonstomp and have attempted moonwalking in Michael Jackson style.’
    • ‘I'm gonna learn the moonstomp.’
    • ‘Take off your shoes and do the moonstomp!!’


[no object]
  • Perform a moonstomp.

    ‘a crowd of 75,000 attended, and enthusiastically moonstomped around’
    • ‘They moonstomped in the aisles between the red booths and out into the street where the out of towners watched from a safe distance.’
    • ‘At a ska concert, you can find a mixture of many cultures skanking and moonstomping together: skinheads, rudeboys, punks, hippies, even preppies!’
    • ‘Put your braces on your shoulders and your boots on your feet and get down to some full-on moonstomping.’