Definition of moonrise in English:



  • The rising or time of rising of the moon above the horizon.

    ‘it was actually about an hour after moonrise’
    • ‘The weather was so nice that day that we finished this series of photos with a lovely moonrise shot over the harbour, looking out from where I live.’
    • ‘‘If you wish to speak more, Lady, I will wait for you by the wall after moonrise,’ the stranger's soft voice penetrated her thoughts.’
    • ‘When I came back to myself, a woman's voice told us to meet her at the cottonwood out back at moonrise.’
    • ‘Farther west, the eclipse is under way as the Moon rises; for skywatchers along the Pacific coast of California, the beginning of the total phase nearly coincides with moonrise.’
    • ‘His heart rate had increased considerably now that moonrise was drawing near.’
    • ‘See to it that the men are ready to move on by the next moonrise.’’
    • ‘Observations took place in clear weather and ended at midnight, prior to moonrise.’
    • ‘Check out the moonrise, sometime around midnight.’
    • ‘The eve was upon them, as a brilliant sunset became a glorious moonrise, transforming the lethargic day into a delirious nocturne.’
    • ‘It was well-past moonrise when he suddenly roared at them ‘Faster!’’
    • ‘Be prepared tonight for a journey, and meet me at moonrise beneath the Great Cottonwood.’
    • ‘She tells me we won't be going to the temple until after moonrise.’