Definition of moon gate in English:

moon gate


  • (in China) a circular opening forming a gateway in a wall.

    • ‘The visitor is guided by the design techniques of zigzag bridges, corridors, pavilions and moon gates to move to specific vantage points for observation and contemplation of unique views.’
    • ‘Walk over to the southwest corner of the courtyard and look back at the moon gate.’
    • ‘Entry is through a circular stone moon gate that leads over a pre-Roman style split-bough path to the inner circle where the elements of earth, air, fire and water combine to induce a sense of tranquillity.’
    • ‘Circular elements are repeated throughout this landscape with several more moon gates, flowing paths, a round fire pit and two spherical reflective pools.’
    • ‘In addition, with the smaller moon gates found in real Chinese gardens, the circular shape forces a person entering the garden to step single file over the rounded threshold of the gate, further emphasizing the experience of entering.’
    • ‘A traditional circular entrance, or moon gate, creates the sense of entering a special place.’
    • ‘The moon gates allow the trees to be visually isolated from each other.’
    • ‘There are several shrines set in the rocky hillside, linked by winding paths through moon gates.’
    • ‘The shrine of the Sleeping Buddha is reached via a steep set of steps wound through two moon gates.’
    • ‘Gold leaf Chinese fretwork details, moon gates and selected architectural artifacts add richness and interest to the boldly painted room.’
    • ‘In the maze of courtyards with round moon gates that lead to other courtyards, and smoky altars, I dropped some money into an offering pan filled with Chinese renminbi, and some more change into the cups of the elderly women who sit by the moon gate asking for alms.’
    • ‘This complex little sculpture shows a circular, so-called ‘moon gate’ in a roofed garden wall overhung with branches of paulownia and surrounded by ornamental pierced rocks.’
    • ‘A stream and pond, a unique hand-made stone path, a wooden seating structure and two intricately designed moon gates add to the exotic ambiance.’
    • ‘The museum now has a magnificent exterior with tile roofs and moon gates.’
    barrier, wicket, wicket gate, lychgate, five-barred gate, turnstile
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