Definition of moon cake in English:

moon cake


  • A round cake eaten during the Chinese Moon Festival.

    • ‘The best time to find spring rolls is in April; moon cakes are available during the Mid-Autumn Festival; and the Dragon Boat Festival heralds delicious rice dumplings, zongzi.’
    • ‘And when you've caught your breath after the race, indulge in some moon cakes, or visit one of the seven restaurants in Chinatown.’
    • ‘Should you be feeling adventurous, some bakery chains like are offering ice cream moon cakes.’
    • ‘She set up a stall under the arcade of her own townhouse to sell moon cakes.’
    • ‘On this occasion, the restaurant welcomes its guests with the specially made moon cake accompanied by boiled red groundnuts and shredded ginger.’
    • ‘Mid-autumn brings more lanterns and mounds of sweet paste-filled moon cakes.’
    • ‘Two Chinese men reported that chopsticks were too difficult to use, instead they ate their moon cakes with their fingers.’
    • ‘Railway volunteers passed out moon cakes to passengers, while musical performances in the main hall commemorated the holiday.’
    • ‘Han people watch the full moon and eat moon cakes, which are a symbol of family unity.’
    • ‘Susie brought Chinese moon cakes into the office today.’
    • ‘Family members and friends also share moon cakes.’
    • ‘Bakers in Vietnamese communities begin to prepare weeks before the festival by making moon cakes of sticky rice.’