Definition of moon-shaped in English:



  • 1Crescent-shaped.

    ‘blood cells which instead of being round are moon-shaped’
    • ‘I will then harvest those dear little plant beings with a moon-shaped bolline and place them lovingly in a flat basket that I carry on my arm.’
    • ‘Last but not least came a silver necklace with a single crescent moon-shaped sapphire at the middle, hanging just above the top of Lily's ‘Amazon dress’.’
    • ‘I would tell him my story and he'd show me the small moon-shaped scar he has right below his eye.’
    • ‘The blue waters of the Bay of Palma still lap the hotel's half moon-shaped private beach.’
    • ‘Most satisfying of all, though, was the cut of sliced Flatiron beef, served with a healthful mound of Chinese greens and an excellent though extremely unhealthful tart decorated with perfect, moon-shaped discs of melting bone marrow.’
    • ‘He began to kiss her neck, and then moved down to her shoulders, where his fingers traced the small moon-shaped birthmark that she had there.’
    • ‘Among the items stolen were a silver and marcasite watch, a gold watch, a platinum and white sapphire crescent moon-shaped brooch and a video and CD player.’
  • 2Round.

    ‘her moon-shaped face’
    • ‘It is painful to listen to her, and then the moon-shaped face which has been creased with suffering, cracks into a beam.’
    • ‘The moon is always at its fullest and brightest on that night and this phenomenon is symbolized in the holiday's main treats - the moon-shaped moon cakes.’
    • ‘After studying the house from every angle, we still failed to notice an eroded, moon-shaped face, floating like an apparition, carved into one of the stones high up on the side - Beck pointed it out.’
    • ‘For a man who's all about speed and endurance, he is distinctly non-streamlined, with a moon-shaped face and a pronounced paunch set over thick, powerful legs.’
    • ‘A plump, gnarly hand poked out of the carriage, followed by a squat and plump lady with dark, fierce eyes and mousy brown ringlets framing her moon-shaped face.’