Definition of montuno in English:



  • 1A traditional costume worn by men from Panama, consisting of short white cotton trousers and an embroidered shirt.

    • ‘The man's costume, the montuno, is a long white cotton shirt, with fringe or embroidered decorations, and knee-length trousers.’
    • ‘The far simpler and more rustic men's montuno is of Indian origin.’
  • 2An improvised passage in a rumba.

    • ‘On the cha cha cha ‘Escucha El Ritmo’, Oscar Hernandez gets to play some really nice montuno and jazz chops.’
    • ‘During the faster montuno section of the dance, the dancers may open up into moves where they don't face each other if they wish’
    • ‘It is the montuno that went on to ultimately develop into Salsa which is popular all over the world today.’


American Spanish, literally ‘native to mountains, untamed’.