Definition of Montessori in English:



  • usually as modifier A system of education for young children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods.

    ‘a Montessori school’
    • ‘I was then able to attract Montessori school teachers to write curriculum.’
    • ‘Louise is opening her new crèche and Montessori school this September.’
    • ‘To offer your child the best in early childhood education, you may like to consider sending him/her to the village Montessori school.’
    • ‘We had a bit of confusion at first as the Montessori method involves teaching the kids the sounds of the letters first, then later, the names of the letters.’
    • ‘In the Montessori method, there are four or five materials available to teach each concept.’
    • ‘In Montessori schools children follow a set of tasks or exercises.’
    • ‘The Montessori system was based on the principle of children learning for themselves, with the teacher in the background.’
    • ‘The school is run by a qualified Montessori teacher and children's nurse.’
    • ‘This Montessori school used the theme of careers and had children dressed in various outfits, illustrating careers.’
    • ‘So Montessori children are taught when they have the greatest urge for various aspects of language acquisition.’
    • ‘Liam had collected two bags full of crayons and other basic learning tools donated by the Montessori school in Co. Kilkenny his children attended.’
    • ‘Little Buddies will be a crèche and Montessori school, open from 8am to 6pm and the children will be given all meals.’
    • ‘The playschool will open on September 1st under the guidance of a qualified experienced Montessori teacher.’
    • ‘This fully equipped Montessori school has a qualified and highly regarded teacher with a small class and individual attention.’
    • ‘I learned this technique more than forty years ago in a Montessori school.’
    • ‘‘I have already documented the process of learning in a Montessori school in Wisconsin’, she says.’
    • ‘I spoke with a Montessori teacher who had the first through to the third grade, all in the same room.’
    • ‘He was singing a song they taught him at his Montessori school.’
    • ‘It will be run by a qualified Montessori teacher with years of experience and many other qualifications.’
    • ‘It was already six weeks since he had been behind a desk and the Montessori method looked promising.’