Definition of Monte Cristo in English:

Monte Cristo


North American
  • A fried or grilled sandwich with cheese and ham or turkey, typically dipped in egg before being cooked.

    ‘the delicious Monte Cristo with prosciutto and gouda’
    • ‘While many of the dinner items are also available earlier in the day, lighter dishes include the cleverly named Monte Frisco, a twist on the classic Monte Cristo, with turkey, ham and Gouda cheese atop San Francisco's favorite, sourdough bread.’
    • ‘The sandwiches we sampled for lunch were decent enough - a slim reuben ($13) grilled on some good, dark rye, and a monte cristo sandwich ($13) with bacon, brie and pear dipped in egg and grilled in a slightly messy, but otherwise adequate variation on the classic.’
    • ‘The breakfast menu's Hawaiian French Toast is the foundation for the just-as-tasty Monte Cristo ($7.79) with shaved turkey and ham and nutty Havarti cheese.’
    • ‘The monte cristo, burgers, and salads are very good.’
    • ‘I had a warm spinach appetizer that came with tomatoes and cheese, a cup of their soup of the day, and a turkey sandwich while my boyfriend had the Monte Cristo - all were delicious!’
    • ‘The sandwiches are all good, (I enjoy the monte cristo sandwich because not many places offer that unhealthy delight).’
    • ‘After slowly devouring the Monte Cristo, I nodded with satisfaction and rubbed my stomach for good luck.’
    • ‘The Monte Cristo ($6.75) is slightly untraditional - it's served on thick cut bread with back bacon - but it was also really good.’
    • ‘I thought Monte Cristo sandwiches are supposed to be lightly battered then deep-fried?’
    • ‘Euro Cafe offers Reuben and Monte Cristo sandwiches, bratwurst, fresh German potato salad, and plum and poppyseed cakes.’
    • ‘To those who don't know, the Monte Cristo is a greasy manifestation of gluttony.’
    • ‘Mangiamele plans to create a more chef-driven menu, but don't worry, favorites like the Monte Cristo will still be coming out of the kitchen.’
    • ‘My friend the Monte Cristo connoisseur reckons the Homestead's triple-decker sandwich of fresh turkey, ham and Swiss cheese is the second best he's had.’
    • ‘The Monte Cristo sandwich is the best, and it's only served at lunchtime.’
    • ‘I ordered the monte cristo sandwich with hashbrowns, because at these types of Greek diners I always order the monte cristo and hashbrowns.’
    • ‘Soon the waitress brought forth two Monte Cristo sandwiches.’
    • ‘They have the most heavenly Monte Cristo sandwich.’
    • ‘My wife ordered the Monte Cristo at $7.75, it was a fresh baked turkey, grilled ham and Swiss on golden brown French toast.’
    • ‘I had a Monte Cristo and it was very tasty.’
    • ‘It wasn't the restaurant itself that I was craving but actually one dish in particular that has been on their menu for over a decade, the Monte Cristo.’


1920s: from the name of Alexandre Dumas' novel The Count of Monte Cristo.


Monte Cristo

/mɒnti ˈkrɪstəʊ/