Definition of monozygotic in English:



  • (of twins) derived from a single ovum, and so identical.

    • ‘Two well conducted and well controlled studies show that refractive errors are much more strongly correlated in monozygotic twins than in dizygotic twins.’
    • ‘Because monozygotic twins presumably have identical genes, any dermatoglyphic differences between them must be due to differences in prenatal environmental experiences.’
    • ‘For the correlation analysis, 20 unrelated couples were formed by randomly matching one monozygotic twin with one dizygotic twin.’
    • ‘The researchers tested for genetic influences by comparing the experiences of monozygotic twins, who share all their genes, and dizygotic twins, who share considerably fewer genes.’
    • ‘When prenatal environment is similar for monozygotic twins they will possess nearly identical finger ridge configuration.’


Early 20th century: from mono- ‘single’ + zygote + -ic.