Definition of monosaccharide in English:



  • Any of the class of sugars (e.g. glucose) that cannot be hydrolysed to give a simpler sugar.

    • ‘In the digestive track carbohydrates are converted to monosaccharides, mostly glucose and fructose.’
    • ‘Low survival was obtained after drying protoplasts with monosaccharides and pure raffinose.’
    • ‘Fructose, either as a monosaccharide or in sucrose, was also found to decrease the negative effects of ethanol in rats.’
    • ‘The difference can be connected with the structural properties of the glucose and mannitol molecules, as the mannitol is a polyhydric alcohol, whereas the glucose is a monosaccharide.’
    • ‘Simple sugars, the monosaccharides and disaccharides, are very easy for human bodies to use as a source of energy.’