Definition of monopolistic competition in English:

monopolistic competition


  • another term for imperfect competition
    • ‘The need for newsroom investment to improve quality can be explained at least partially by the theory of monopolistic competition.’
    • ‘He hasn't changed his substantive views on comparative advantage or monopolistic competition.’
    • ‘Called the umbrella model and later the ring model, this competition across city and county lines and among newspapers with different publication cycles represents a form of monopolistic competition.’
    • ‘It's usually hard to draw the line, however, between legitimate defensive strategies and monopolistic competition.’
    • ‘Although the newspaper industry does not fit all the assumptions of classic economic theory, readers' behavior can be explained at least partially by the theory of monopolistic competition.’
    • ‘As a consequence, Miksch regards a competition-political evaluation of Edward Chamberlin's studies on monopolistic competition as inevitable.’
    • ‘If the inefficiency of monopolistic competition is used to critique public water utilities, it is contradictory to advocate for the switch to a private monopoly.’
    • ‘The most pervading sociological frame in this regard is inspired by the works of Simmel and also discerned in Chamberlin's ideas concerning monopolistic competition.’
    • ‘He argues that monopolistic competition, rather than imitation, is the likely path to long-term viability for industrial agglomeration in the movie industry of the twenty-first century.’
    • ‘The AOA is all about consolidating the monopolistic competition between the US and the EU for third country markets.’
    • ‘The framework of monopolistic competition lies somewhere in between the Walrasian two approaches: Profit maximizing occurs with a demand constraint, modelled by a demand function.’