Definition of monopolism in English:



mass noun
  • An economic system based on monopolies.

    ‘the enemy of entrepreneurialism is monopolism’
    • ‘Capitalism works, but must be regulated to prevent monopolism.’
    • ‘"A reliable protection of the copyright is possible only under conditions of honest competition, rather than monopolism," he said.’
    • ‘He is a robber baron who made his money through despicable behavior and monopolism.’
    • ‘Its necessary to bear in mind that monopolism does not exclude competition.’
    • ‘Government meddling and bureaucracy, to whatever degree that might be true, is preferable to unbridled monopolism.’
    • ‘None of these mainstream idiots understand that monopolism has a well-conceived dogma that aspires to destroy entrepreneurialism.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a decade of growing monopolism in this country means broadband take-up is now below the rates elsewhere.’
    • ‘After all, we live in a capitalist country with less and less supervision of stealthy, healthy monopolism.’
    • ‘We must join hands in standing up against aberrant monopolism.’
    • ‘It is obvious today that state monopolism in any of its manifestations hinders the development of the country's oil and gas sector.’