Definition of Monophysitism in English:



Christian Theology
  • See Monophysite

    • ‘There is here neither Monophysitism nor Nestorianism, but an unconfused and undivided union of the church with the world.’
    • ‘Just as Newman felt liberal politics was out to use the church for political expediency, he also saw this as an element of Monophysitism.’
    • ‘Having concerned himself with Arianism and Monophysitism, the matter of the Donatist controversy was brought to his attention by his friend Robert Williams.’
    • ‘Newman's foray into Monophysitism, still operating from the hermeneutic established in his work on Arianism, helped to pave the way for his conversion.’
    • ‘New loyalties and new interests were reflected in a bitter religious dispute between Monophysitism - strong in Egypt and Syria - and the imperial orthodox doctrine.’