Definition of monomolecular in English:



  • 1(of a layer) one molecule thick.

    • ‘On the one hand, a monomolecular layer of the most abundant molecular species, DPPC, can reduce the surface tension close to zero, like the entire surfactant.’
    • ‘The matter formed a monomolecular layer with rafts of condensed lipids, diffusing in a fluid matrix.’
    • ‘A second monomolecular layer of Drs B2 cannot be formed, as confirmed by the ATR-FTIR results.’
    • ‘The high propensity of synapsin I to form a monomolecular layer that covers large phospholipid surfaces supports the possibility that synapsin I covers a large portion of the synaptic vesicle surface.’
    • ‘The strong adsorption on such materials at surface or interfaces in the form of an orientated monomolecular layer is termed surface activity.’
    1. 1.1 Consisting of or involving one molecule.
      • ‘The kinetic data from the light scattering suggest that the fibril formation is not a cooperative multimolecular process, but rather a monomolecular one.’
      • ‘Electron microscopy, gel electrophoresis, and differential scanning calorimetry show that such fusion involves lipid vesicle formation and dissociation of monomolecular lipid-poor protein.’
      • ‘Typically applied in the form of a thermal spray, the monomolecular mist impinges the target at extremely high speeds, and freezes to a solid too quickly for the usual crystals to form.’
      • ‘This would imply that the nucleation event is in fact a monomolecular event, e.g., a slow transition of individual lysozyme molecules to a partially folded state that initiates fibril formation.’
      • ‘Interestingly, the monomolecular two-state model considered for DNA condensation resembles the models for ligand-induced protein conformational transition.’