Definition of monomachy in English:


nounPlural monomachies

  • A duel.

    • ‘His sense of nobility moves him to desire to engage in a monomachy with Miraz to avenge his father.’
    • ‘Epic monomachy can all too easily become a reductive and distorting clash between agents of pure good and evil.’
    • ‘In the monomachy, we see him raised to a superhuman stature and strength.’
    • ‘Under the principate emperors never indulged in such monomachy.’
    • ‘There is to be perform'd a monomachy, Combat or duel, time, place, and weapon, Agreed betwixt us.’
    affair of honour, mano-a-mano, single combat
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Late 16th century: from late Latin monomachia, from Greek monomakhia, from monos ‘alone’ + -makhia ‘fighting’.