Definition of monolayer in English:



  • 1A layer one molecule thick.

    • ‘This occurs because the strong interactions of PA molecules with the peptides can pull PA molecules out of the monolayers.’
    • ‘Highly structured water molecules occur in the monolayer adjacent to hydrophobic domains of intracellular solutes.’
    • ‘Insertion of the same number of extra molecules into distal monolayers did not result in any inhibition of bilayer fusion.’
    • ‘The immiscible behavior between the film-forming molecules in the mixed monolayer was determined according to the surface phase rule.’
    • ‘In contrast, the hydration of the major groove was found to be mainly confined to a monolayer of water molecules.’
    1. 1.1Biology Medicine A cell culture in a layer one cell thick.
      • ‘The cells in the two unstained wells of each specimen were processed for a second blind passage of culture on fresh McCoy cell monolayers.’
      • ‘Endothelial cell stretch has been examined previously using innovative in vitro systems applying mechanical stretch of confluent endothelial cell monolayers.’
      • ‘When the cells formed monolayers, they were subcultured and experiments were carried out.’
      • ‘A monolayer of cells is then placed on the glass slide for staining and manual screening.’
      • ‘Organisms at all stages of development could be seen at 96 hours postinfection of culture monolayers.’