Definition of monohull in English:



  • A boat with only one hull, as opposed to a catamaran or multihull.

    as modifier ‘a monohull test boat’
    • ‘Whether single-screw, twin-screw, tugboat, catamaran, or classic monohull, the boats are tough oceangoing vessels that chug along for long distances.’
    • ‘Capsizing a multihull is not like rolling over in a monohull, whose keel usually causes it to roll upright again.’
    • ‘You need to charter catamarans, not monohulls, to explore these incredible seas.’
    • ‘Ten young drivers from local disadvantaged communities also took the waters for powerboat development races in monohulls powered by 15 hp engines.’
    • ‘The crew hopes that in 2005, the 140 ft schooner will become the first single-hulled yacht, or monohull, to cover the distance in less than 80 days.’