Definition of monocrystalline in English:



  • Consisting of a single crystal.

    • ‘The new gyro sensor boasts unprecedented stability thanks to the use of a monocrystalline quartz crystal for the newly developed gyro element.’
    • ‘In a standard memory chip, circuits are etched into a base layer of pure monocrystalline silicon.’
    • ‘Dark red monocrystalline aggregates reach 0.5 meter in diameter, and individual monomineralic specimens can exceed 1 meter.’
    • ‘The transistor includes a monocrystalline semiconductor channel region overlying and epitaxially continuous with a body region of a semiconductor substrate.’
    • ‘Abundant pale pinkish-reddish to purple to colorless fluorite occurs as granular to monocrystalline masses and rarely as small simple cubes.’