Definition of monocotyledon in English:



  • A flowering plant with an embryo that bears a single cotyledon (seed leaf). Monocotyledons constitute the smaller of the two great divisions of flowering plants, and typically have elongated stalkless leaves with parallel veins (e.g. grasses, lilies, palms).

    Class Monocotyledoneae (or -donae, -dones; sometimes Liliopsida), subdivision Angiospermae

    Compare with dicotyledon
    • ‘Results presented in this study are in good agreement with those reported for other monocotyledons such as maize and rice.’
    • ‘Sandersonia aurantiaca is a liliaceous monocotyledon with a bell-shaped corolla formed from fused petals and sepals (tepals).’
    • ‘In monocotyledons, the expanding region of leaves, where cell division and tissue expansion take place, is located near the leaf insertion point.’
    • ‘Lipid transfer proteins are small, basic proteins that have been purified from both monocotyledons and dicotyledons.’
    • ‘Besides this constitutive system, iron reductases have been described in dicotyledons and non-grass monocotyledons that reduce iron prior to uptake.’