Definition of monkeyshines in English:


plural noun

North American
  • Mischievous behaviour.

    British term monkey tricks
    • ‘As its stands now, there's too much monkeyshines, and not enough pure monkey enjoyment to even care.’
    • ‘It seems they are permanently angry at each other for having extramarital monkeyshines.’
    • ‘The cinematic monkeyshines underscore the various triumphs and tribulations that derive from a lifetime in pursuit of physical pleasure alone.’
    • ‘Once a school gets known for off-court monkeyshines and low academic standards, that reputation becomes a recruiting tool.’
    • ‘It turns out all the monkeyshines are some rich woman's fault.’
    • ‘Onto this stage is rolled a triangular cage for the important prison scenes, the widely spaced bars forming a jungle gym for the captives to perform their monkeyshines on.’