Definition of monkey house in English:

monkey house


  • A building or enclosure in a zoo in which monkeys are kept.

    ‘she is the senior keeper at the Bronx Zoo's monkey house’
    • ‘I bet the expression on their faces is like the faces of people looking into the monkey house at the zoo.’
    • ‘The scientists put several computers in the monkey house of the local zoo to test their theory.’
    • ‘I went into the monkey house and I stopped in front of the orang-utans.’
    • ‘Working here is like working in the monkey house in a zoo.’
    • ‘As we came in, we saw a family with several screaming children go into the monkey house.’
    • ‘They watch the "clowns of the zoo" in the monkey house.’
    • ‘Nearly every man, woman and child of this crowd made for the monkey house to see the star attraction in the park.’
    • ‘In the monkey house I took a snap of this cheeky chappy.’
    • ‘It was like a monkey house, and the head monkeys were snooty intellectuals with an axe to grind.’
    • ‘Sow bugs form hordes in the warm, smelly monkey house where golden lion tamarins live.’