Definition of monkey bear in English:

monkey bear


  • ‘a little monkey bear came cautiously down from the gum tree’
    another term for koala
    • ‘Mark grabbed some tree rocks, crouched on the branch and waited for the monkey-bears to appear.’
    • ‘It gives a vague image of what the animal looked like, similar to how Koalas got the "bear" tacked onto their name and are also called "monkey bears".’
    • ‘They took the road over the mountains, and lived on monkey bears.’
    • ‘Perhaps you have seen the little monkey bear or Koala as it is called.’
    • ‘There were mosquitos in millions, bandicoots hopping close to the fire, and monkey-bears, night hawks, owls, possums, and dingoes holding a corroboree hideous enough to break the sleep of the dead.’
    • ‘They were also sometimes called 'monkey bear'.’
    • ‘The old people travelled all round that place when there were plenty of monkey bears and yams in the hills.’
    • ‘The birds murmured and moved in the trees, a monkey-bear grunted disgustedly.’
    • ‘They almost starved to death, because they tried to eat possum, which was too rank, then monkey bears.’
    • ‘He knew he would cop the most flack if he cooked a monkey bear.’