Definition of moneybags in English:


plural noun

  • usually treated as singular A wealthy person.

    ‘he is befriended by the daughter of the local moneybags’
    • ‘Has it finally dawned on you that your reputation as an entertainer - for the crowds and therefore, for the corporate moneybags - is fast overshadowing your greatness as a batsman?’
    • ‘Trying to chum it up with the moneybags now are you, Kea?’
    • ‘Still, there should be some moneybags who could do this much at least.’
    • ‘Hey moneybags, do you want to donate to the poor, overworked and underpaid resident foundation?’
    • ‘He also takes his swings at the greedy northeastern moneybags' who exploit the South for its cheap labor plantation economics.’
    • ‘They have been treated as sacrosanct, even though they are the moneybags behind the global scheme.’
    • ‘If they were really lazy moneybags they would avoid playing in high handicap competitions, because it is tough!’
    • ‘Every moneybags who invests in a publication becomes a more fascinating person overnight, acquiring cachet beyond their millions.’
    • ‘It is his job as moneybags in chief to tell the Government more or less everything is too dear.’
    • ‘Patrick the moneybags of the gang with a supermodel girlfriend, is cuckolded by Serge, the class clown.’
    • ‘It seems to have raised close on €1 million, which says something for the loyalty of the old moneybags that have supported the party through the years, in bad times and in worse times.’
    • ‘Why not pick up a copy of the Sunday Times and read about the smuggest moneybags in Britain?’
    • ‘The dotcom era is over, Simon may well find himself out of the picture as the moneybags get a real manager to run the show.’
    • ‘She had heard some stories about this moneybags.’
    • ‘If the Democratic party wants to tap into those moneybags, they need someone who can speak their language.’
    • ‘One hundred days into his tenure as the high-energy, higher-decibel chairman of the party, he is in trouble with party moneybags.’
    • ‘Some parties regard the Asian community as walking moneybags.’
    • ‘You hear all sorts of rumours, but I can assure fans that we are not the moneybags of the Conference.’
    • ‘Since when does good mean anything to you, moneybags?’
    • ‘And allow me to kindly inform you that our parents are filthy moneybags.’
    rich person, capitalist, tycoon, magnate, nabob, millionaire, billionaire, multimillionaire, nouveau riche, person of means
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