Definition of money broker in English:

money broker


  • A person or company that negotiates loans between banks or other financial institutions.

    • ‘The site allows black-market money brokers to bid on the dirty dollars, which cartel financial chiefs want to convert to pesos.’
    • ‘That will still leave [yen] 100 in excess reserves or with money brokers that will simply stop circulating in the income stream.’
    • ‘Their loanable funds could be employed profitably for short periods of time by lending to so-called money brokers who were members of the Stock Exchange.’
    • ‘Once the most powerful money broker in Taiwan, he has roundly denied any role in the deal.’
    • ‘Among those who have settled is a money broker for an international Swiss bank earning stg £80,000 a year.’
    • ‘The British-based money broker was still working to account for all its 675 employees though it believed that most had survived.’
    • ‘He went to find the money brokers, to see firsthand the chains of gold that held them to their task.’
    • ‘Today the company is the world's biggest money broker, and he has a £282m stake.’
    • ‘But beware of seeking advice through third parties, such as money brokers, who sometimes charge exceptionally high rates of interest.’
    • ‘He was doing his daily courier round for the money brokers when he was held at knifepoint and his briefcase, containing almost 300 bearer bonds, was taken.’