Definition of money belt in English:

money belt


  • A belt with a pouch for carrying money.

    ‘wear a money belt to protect yourself against pickpockets’
    • ‘I carried my money in a money belt and asked the price of a taxi ride before getting in.’
    • ‘Carry cash and credit cards in a travel pouch or money belt worn inside your clothes.’
    • ‘Bazzi is more prepared than others, he tells me in Arabic, looking cautiously over his shoulder before fumbling in his money belt.’
    • ‘He said his stolen money belt contained 8,700 baht and four credit cards.’
    • ‘I don't like bumbags and money belts are a great alternative.’
    • ‘This double-fold money belt is 3 inches wide and is made of the softest pebble-grain calfskin imaginable.’
    • ‘I was very glad I had thought to bring a money belt.’
    • ‘A cash injection from them early last year pushed the stock index to a new height but it went into freefall later as they tightened the money belts.’
    • ‘Wearing a money belt is also smart - though if someone wants to rob you, they will.’
    • ‘I take my passport out of my money belt and hand it to him.’