Definition of Mondayize in English:


(also Mondayise)


[with object]NZ
  • Transfer the celebration of (a public holiday) from the actual date to the nearest Monday, in order to make a long weekend.

    ‘a bill to Mondayize all public holidays is set to pass its second reading tomorrow’
    • ‘A Labour Party bill to "Mondayise" Waitangi and Anzac days when they fall on a weekend could now pass after the government backed down on a threat to use its financial veto.’
    • ‘Plans to "Mondayise" Waitangi Day, to ensure it provides a day off for workers every year, will soon be debated again as the proposal takes its next steps before parliament.’
    • ‘The fact that that might now be 'Mondayised' may lead to a view where more New Zealanders treat that as a three-day weekend rather than specific recognition of that very important day.’
    • ‘It was never intended as a holiday and it was disrespectful for it to be Mondayised.’
    • ‘Maybe change the date as well and Mondayise it.’
    • ‘Among the measures that have earned him plaudits are a successful bill to "Mondayise" public holidays, the promotion of ethical investing by state-controlled funds, and his championing of the living wage.’
    • ‘The Department of Labour also opposed the move, telling the Government the move would cost $200 million for every Mondayised holiday.’
    • ‘I'll think you'll find it has been Mondayised, but because it falls on a Friday this year it's not necessary.’
    • ‘Its date is dictated by moon phases, so it varies - this year it's June 18 - but Easter is similarly moveable and Matariki can easily be Mondayised.’
    • ‘From the Holiday Act point of view, Easter has "always" been Mondayised.’