Definition of Monarchian in English:



  • A member of a group of Christian heretics of the 2nd or 3rd century who denied the doctrine of the Trinity.

    • ‘He was probably the first of the Monarchians to visit Rome, where he was well received by the Pope about 190-198, with whom he used his influence against the Montanists.’
    • ‘Tertullian was battling Monarchians who opted for the unity of God and denied trinitarianism.’
    • ‘For practical purposes the Monarchians have been divided into two classes, modal and dynamic.’
    • ‘These aren't just hats that God wears at different times and can put aside, or different ways of being in different circumstances - that idea was what got the Monarchians condemned.’
    • ‘On the one extreme, the Monarchians interpreted it to mean ‘one person’, although the ‘one’ is neuter, not masculine.’


  • Relating to the Monarchians or their beliefs.

    • ‘The Monarchian theory is a false teaching that started some time in the second century.’
    • ‘Monarchian doctrine usually did not deny the deity of Christ; instead they claimed that the Son is the Father, not the eternal Son as part of historic Christianity.’
    • ‘To prevent polytheism the Monarchian Christians, (primarily the Modalists) insisted that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were in reality one person.’
    • ‘There are good reasons to not take these portrayals as symbolic manifestations of a single infinite person wearing different temporal masks, as the ancient Monarchian heresy of the 2nd century tried to portray God.’
    • ‘There are many attacks upon Oneness Apostolics who hold to the ancient Jewish Monarchian doctrine of One God.’


From late Latin monarchiani (plural), from monarchia (see monarchy).