Definition of monal in English:


(also monal pheasant)


  • An Asian pheasant of mountainous wooded country, the male having dark plumage with colourful iridescence.

    Genus Lophophorus, family Phasianidae: three species, e.g. the crested Himalayan monal (L. impeyanus)

    • ‘The multi-coloured Himalayan monal is an attractive pheasant hunted for its attractive feathers and crest, and is almost on the verge of extinction.’
    • ‘Birds common to the mountains include rosefinches, Guldenstadt's redstarts, Himalayan monals, raptors, and vultures.’
    • ‘For the conservation of Himalayan monal and its associated species, it would be important to set aside large undisturbed areas of high altitude oak-rhododendron forests.’
    • ‘For example, snow partridge and Himalayan monal pheasant are facing local extinction from many valleys.’
    • ‘This fan is made from the feathers of the Himalayan monal, a pheasant found in India, Pakistan, and Nepal.’


Mid 18th century: from Nepali monāl, from Hindi munāl.