Definition of mona monkey in English:

mona monkey


  • A West African guenon that has a bluish-grey face with a pink muzzle. The female has a distinctive moaning call.

    Cercopithecus mona, family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘Many smaller animals have also joined the collection: siamang gibbons, provost squirrels, howler monkey, armadillo and the elusive mona monkeys.’
    • ‘The wild animals that suffered most were large carnivores such as lions and hyenas; primates including colobus and mona monkeys; and several herbivores.’
    • ‘The scientists hypothesize that chimp SIV evolved from SIV found in red-capped sooty mangabeys as well as SIV that infects greater spot-nosed, mustached, and mona monkeys.’


Late 18th century: mona from Spanish and Portuguese mona, mono, Italian monna.


mona monkey